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Man ‘stabs girlfriend in eyes, bites child’s nose off and throws her out window’

A man allegedly stabbed his girlfriend in the eyes and threw their one-year-old child out of a window.

Pierre Gabriel Francois, 29, launched the attack in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Saturday, December 12, foreign media reports.

Francois’ mum told authorities she was at home with her son, his girlfriend, and their granddaughter.

She woke up after hearing him punching walls, and pleaded with her son to stop.

Francois then allegedly grabbed a piece of wood and started beating his mum.

The suspect, who is schizophrenic, was “screaming for her to stop hurting his mother while she was attempting to tell him that she is his mother”, a police report read.

Francois’ mum believes he was not taking his medication and that he may have been under the influence of a narcotic, NBC 6 South Florida reports.

He then began to attack his child and girlfriend before throwing the infant out of a window, she claims.

The child was found face down in the front garden, and is now in a critical condition in hospital.

Sgt. Don Prichard, of the Sheriff’s Office, said: “The infant suffers from what appears to be a skull fracture, as well as it appears that (her) nose was bitten off.”

Francois’ girlfriend suffered lacerations to her throat, trachea, liver, and stab wounds to her eyes.

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The nurse said she would be left blind, according to the police report.

She is also in a critical condition.

Francois’s suffered a dislocated thumb and lacerations on her forearms.

The suspect was hospitalised before being arrested and jailed, where he was being held without bond on Tuesday, December 15.

He reportedly faces charges of attempted murder and one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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