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Princess Charlotte ‘takes after the Queen Mother’ in Christmas card photo

Princess Charlotte has been compared to The Queen and the Queen Mother after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared their family Christmas card.

Kate and William posted this year's Christmas card on social media, after it was unofficially shared online.

In the adorable snap, the family can be seen sitting on a hay bale, with Princess Charlotte on Kate's lap smiling, writes the Express.

The post is captioned: “The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share a new image of their family, which features on their Christmas card this year.”

Social media users were keen to compare the young royal to her grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Floods of comments rolled in with Cambridge fans comparing the young princess to both the elder royals.

One tweeted: “I reckon the Queen Mother would have been amazed if she met Princess Charlotte.

“It would have been like watching her childhood self.

A second said: “Princess Charlotte looks so much like a young version of her majesty the Queen”

Another said her resemblance to the older royal rivalled that of Princess Eugenie.

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They tweeted: “Princess Charlotte lookalike continues. “She's taken more from the Queen Mum than even Princess Eugenie.”

Royal fans gushed over the post, with Twitter users noting how much Kate and William’s children have grown over the last year.

One user said: “I bet life is a laugh a minute with Louis. Such a happy young boy.

“It’s lovely to see George coming out of his such shy years and wow their daughter is beautiful and looks to have a delightful personality thank you so much for sharing.”

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Another added: “Wonderful picture. The future of the British Monarchy!”

Other fans of the royals noted the Duke and Duchesses efforts in supporting frontline workers this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One said: “Beautiful! Thank you for your hard work with your charities and state duties this year.”

More users were fawning over Kate in the royal snap, with one user saying: “I can’t get over how breathtakingly gorgeous the Duchess always looks.

“It’s like she was born for this.”

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Kate and William’s Christmas card leaked last week ahead of its official reveal.

Royal fan pages on Facebook spotted the Cambridge card and revealed it was sent out to NHS workers.

The Sun reported it said: “To all the amazing NHS staff. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.”

It also came with a handwritten note from William which said: “We can never thank you again for all the dedication and sacrifice you have had to make this year.

“We will be forever grateful.”

Kate and William revealed the present surprise on Twitter, and said: “This Christmas we want to say thank you to our key workers and their families for all they have done and for the sacrifices they have made to keep us safe.”

The surprise was done in partnership with Hamley’s and The National Lottery.

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