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Gun fired as Weld County suspect allegedly slipped out of handcuffs, beat officer

A police officer and an arrested suspect allegedly fought for the officer’s gun in his patrol car on Wednesday night.

Before 11 p.m., a Dacono police officer was on the way to the Weld County Jail when 20-year-old Michael Zamarron allegedly removed his handcuffs and reached through the divider window of the patrol car. The suspect hit the officer multiple times in the head and grabbed the officer’s gun from the holster, police said. The officer slammed on the breaks, and Zamarron was unable to remove the weapon completely.

The gun was reportedly fired during the incident, which occurred on 83rd Avenue in Greeley.

Greeley officers responded and placed Zamarron back in custody. The officer went to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Greeley police arrested Zamarron for second-degree assault on a police officer, attempted escape and disarming a peace officer.

The cause for the first arrest has not been stated, and the police officer’s identity has not been released. The entire event is under active investigation.

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