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Iran threat: Tehran’s missile programme is NOT negotiable – Rouhani issues new warning

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President Hassan Rouhani made his belligerent statement on Monday. It will be translated by Washington as a serious threat to regional stability. Mr Biden has raised the possibility of returning to the negotiating table with other world powers to reach a nuclear proliferation deal with Tehran.

But Iran’s latest declaration has ruled out halting its missile programme, which is a key demand from Washington.

Tehran has instead gone on the offensive and demanded a change in US policy towards the isolated nation.

This includes the lifting of sanctions and compensation for President Trump’s withdrawal from the original nuclear accord.

However, Mr Rouhani in a televised address said: “The Americans were trying for months to add the missile issue to the nuclear talks.

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“However, this was rejected.

“Trump was uninformed and did not know about the matter.

“But, Mr Biden is well aware of the details of the deal.

“I have not heard Biden say that we have to reach another agreement in order to return to the nuclear deal.

“That is what Trump says.”

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Iran has one of the most extensive missile programmes in the Middle East.

The nation sees such weapons as essential to its survival.

Iran sees missiles as a possible deterrent and retaliatory force against any US attack.

The US sees Iran’s missile programme as a conventional military threat to regional stability.

But, more importantly, a missile system could be developed for use with a nuclear warhead, if Iran can develop them.

President Trump abandoned the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018.

Tensions between Iran and the US have escalated since then.

The US has used sanctions to try and halt Iran’s ballistic missile programme.

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