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Inside UK’s worst hotels including used condoms, stained sheets and poo in bath

A consumer watchdog has awarded Britannia Hotels the dubious honour of being the worst in the UK – for an eighth consecutive year.

The Which? report exposed withering reviews and left the beleaguered firm languishing bottom of every category in its assessment.

In response the chain said it was "totally committed to providing a safe environment for visitors" and had spent £2m on Covid precuations but accepted "there is more to do".

A further study into the recent comments of some of the chain's hotel visitors revealed a used condom left in a room, along with dirty underwear, stained sheets and towels and even poo left in a bath, according to the Manchester Evening News.

It looked at what was advertised and what customers claimed it was really like according to their reviews.

At Britannia Sachas Hotel in Tib Street guests were invited to "Spindles Health and Leisure Club" and their "spacious en-suite bedrooms, which have tea and coffee making facilities, TV, telephone and hairdryer".

Jonathan S shared a photo of a used condom and underwear found in this hotel room.

He wrote: "I can only suggest to never use this hotel. Not only is it not especially cheap, and it is run-down, but it is absolutely filthy."

Another guest, Marie M, complained of the toenail clippings on the floor, discarded cigarette butts in the room, and stained bedding.

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She said: "The area itself rang alarm bells as soon as we walked up to the hotel. The side streets littered with druggies. Very intimidating.

"As soon as we got on our floor, the smell of weed hit us. We were asked if we wanted non smoking. We said yes as none of us do, but I think pretty much every room on that floor was smoking normal and joints."

At the "stunning" Grade II listed Britannia Manchester Hotel guests were promised "grand architecture, cast iron staircase and huge chandelier" as well as "spacious en-suite bedrooms, which have tea and coffee making facilities, telephone, TV and hairdryer".

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Among the less than complimentary reviews Andrea's on TripAdvisor painted a slightly different picture. Among other things she said: "I found a used sanitary towel in the bathroom bin very grim and dark dirty yellow stained walls and a very ugly taste in art. Don’t even know how this is a three star hotel. On the bright side what did make up for it was the beautiful view of two drug addicts banging up outside my window."

The Britannia Ashley Hotel in Hale boasted of "modern bedrooms, which all have en-suite bathrooms, tea/coffee making facilities and a TV. Some rooms also overlook the bowling green".

Gavin from Leeds stayed there the night before a flight from, Manchester airport. He wrote: "There was stains on the walls and ceiling the 3rd bed was a camp bed up against a radiator.

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"In the bathroom there was a hair removal scraper on the side of the bath. There was 2 small hand towels – that was it for a triple room – and there was mould all over the window sill.

"There was someone having a party 3 doors down and still at it at 3.30am as we left we didn't sleep at all. In the lift there was dirty pictures and words carved in to the doors of the elevator as we entered the hotel.

"Will not stay there again I would rather sleep on a park bench this hotel is very bad value need a total overhaul or knocking down and starting again."

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Reviewer Balooba2018 said it was "by far the worst hotel I’ve ever had to stay in" with a lift covered in graffiti, threadbare carpet in the bedroom, dirty bathroom and dirty coffee cups. She said she felt like she needed to wipe her feet on the way out.

She added: "To top it all off the bedsheets were mouldy! Absolute disgrace of a hotel, it makes me wonder how Britannia offer it as an airport hotel. I’d rather have stayed in the airport."

At the Britannia Country House Hotel and Spa in Didsbury one guest complained of stained carpets, a room smelling of cannabis and staff who couldn't care less.

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Booby W said: "Absolute dump with poor cleanliness that we checked out of 60 minutes after arriving. As soon as we walked in the staff on the front desk were not very polite or welcoming.

Some guests had a similar experience at the Airport Hotel. Poppy H, who came to the area for a funeral demanded a refund. She said: "Walking through the corridors it just smelt of human urine and dark. The room itself was absolutely disgustingly dirty.

"It smelt as soon as you walked in the door, again of urine, stains on the carpet, flies on the window sill. I wiped over the sides with a wet wipe and they was black.

"We came straight back out asked for a refund and we went elsewhere for the same price."

However, possibly the worst experience was had by Lynnylala. She said she booked a room at the Britannia Airport Hotel for a family trip – but was not impressed.

She wrote: "Stayed here last night with daughter and two grandsons I wouldn’t recommend it what a dump very dated and dirty the meal was disgusting and the staff in the restaurant have no manners to top it off there was poo in the bath and when I complained, I was told by the receptionist, 'I’m on my own can you not swill it away with shower head?'"

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