‘We look like fools!’ Furious Welshman demands Boris ‘walk away’ before EU ‘bleeds UK dry’

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A no deal Brexit is looking “very, very likely” according to Boris Johnson. Although the Prime Minister made this warning, trade deal talks are still ongoing until Sunday. James from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales called into LBC to explain why the UK Government should just “walk away” from the EU negotiations.

He said: “The European Union is not prepared to move, we should have left in October and walked away but we continued to negotiate.

“They want more and more and more, it is time we left, and discussed this once we’ve left in January.

“If the European Union is intransigent and doesn’t want to do a deal with us by demanding 80 percent of our natural resources in this sea and wanting the European court to decide on what happens in the United Kingdom, we are not a sovereign nation and it’s time for us to leave.”

Host Shelagh Fogarty interjected to explain that the bloc is not seeking jurisdiction over UK laws.

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However, James was not convinced: “If that is the case, why are they being intransigent?

“Why did they demand 80 percent of our natural resources in the sea when it was at 60 percent? It went up to 80.”

He continued: “They are intransigent, they do not want a deal, they want to bleed us dry.

“They want to make us look like the fools of Europe, we need to walk away.

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Besides governance, fishing rights and competition rules remain as the other outstanding issues to work through.

With the transition period deadline fast approaching, time is running out for both sides.

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Earlier this week the Prime Minister headed to Brussels for a face-to-face meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

However Downing Street have said that “large gaps” remain between the UK and EU.

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