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Hackers redirect village church users to Satanic sex portal in cyber attack

A sleepy village parish was targeted by "anti-faith" hackers who redirected visitors to a Satanic portal offering sex spells.

The Church of England is investigating the cyber-attack after members of a church congregation in the idyllic settlement of Lastingham, near the North York Moors, were sent to the bizarre paranormal site.

On the redirected page, professional witches offered satanic services including sex spells, black magic curses and a guide to Voodoo, Mail Online reported.

Worshippers were left disturbed and stunned by the “deliberate” attack believed to have been carried out by anti-Christian groups.

The Church of England said nothing like this has happened before and it is treating it as a hate crime.

Martin Sheppard, the Diocese of York, told the Mail Online: “That domain name was the domain name of the parish website years ago.

“It was owned by one member of the parochial church council which is not an uncommon state of affairs.

“But that person is not around any more and the whole thing was replaced with the current parish website.

'"Now what seems to have happened is the old domain has resurfaced with a copied version of the old website.

“It is deliberately and wilfully mischievous with these links to these openly anti-Christian websites.”

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It is not known why Lastingham was targeted. The sleepy village has been at the centre of Christian worship for 1,000 years, having been founded by the early saints.

The church itself, St Mary's, is famed as being the final resting place of St Cedd since 644AD.

But when church-goers went to check on their local parish they were bizarrely sent to the paranormal site that offered sex spell casters.

The link directed worshippers to a Free Psychics, a portal offering the services of withes who “harness the power of the old ways”.

Customers can hire the witches to cast spells over the phone, email or internet and pay over £5 a minute for the privilege.

Services offered include sex and love spells which purport to “turn up the heat” in the bedroom.

The site also offered spells to find out if your partner is cheating on you, including revenge spells to hex them.

One unnamed local said: “This is like selling date rape drugs. It is nothing to do with Christianity. It is about inflicting pain and manipulating people. I just can't believe it.”

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