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Sweet cat thinks it’s a dog and fetches slippers for humans when they get cold

A sweet cat was caught on video fetching her owner a snug pair of slippers – a habit she does whenever the weather is cold.

In the adorable clip, which was shared on Reddit by user u/therep, a Maine Coon called Fran walks into the living room holding an oversized slipper in her mouth.

She drags the slipper across the room and drops it down onto the floor next to its pair.

The beautiful cat then stares up at her human companion expectantly, as if willing them to put on the slippers she has fetched like a well-trained dog.

Unsurprisingly, the footage was a huge hit on Reddit when it was uploaded with the caption: "Our Floof Fran brings us slippers when it’s cold."

It was up-voted more than 84,000 times and hundreds of people left comments, saying they wished they had such a loyal feline in their household.

One person wryly said: "All my cats do with my slippers, is puke in them."

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  • A second impressed viewer wrote: "What a considerate floof!

    "Her face at the end reminds me of a mom that says, 'Take a jacket, it’s cold and you’ll get sick.'"

    Someone else with some rather hairy experiences as a pet owner said: "My cat just brings me disembodied mouse heads and leaves them in the bathtub… for the shower surprise."

    "That was unexpected I was thinking it'd be a dog," marvelled another Reddit user.

    Other cat owners said their felines would make loud yowling noises in the middle of the night to show off small animals they had killed and some said they had trained their cats to play fetch with balls.

    This comes after a hilarious video shows a cat discovering a neighbour's doorbell cam and putting on an exciting show.

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