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EuroMillions winners give away half £115m jackpot and they’re not stopping there

A kind couple have given away more than half of their £115million lottery jackpot to family, friends and good causes.

Frances and Patrick Connolly’s £60m giveaway included three daughters, three grandkids, eight siblings, 15 nieces and nephews and four great nieces and nephews.

And this Christmas Frances, 54, is playing Fairy Godmother buying thousands of gifts for hospital patients as well as IT equipment for good causes.

Pride of place in their £2m home in Hartlepool, Co Durham, is a scrapbook of thank you cards, from children in need to pensioners and community groups, received since their New Year’s Day win in 2019.

Former teacher Frances said: “It was nothing to do with the size of the win, really.

“I was always going to give money away and I would never have been rich without the lottery.

“Now, I am rapidly not as rich as I was.

“But it is just in my nature, my husband always joked that if I won I would give it all away – and he was right.”

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Businessman Paddy, who runs his own plastics firm, has invested in new starter ventures. Between them, the couple also support 42 jobs, not including their interest-free loans to businesses.

And they have given £1m each to set up their own charities, the PFC Trust in north east England, and the Kathleen Graham Foundation in their native Northern Ireland, named after Frances’ late mother.

It comes as the biggest ever EuroMillions jackpot of £175m is on offer tonight (Friday). If one player in the UK takes home the entire sum, they will be crowned our largest ever winner.

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