‘Yes I am shouting at you!’ Hartley-Brewer clashes furiously with Tory over ‘stupid’ tiers

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Tory MP Colonel Bob Stewart demanded that talkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer stop “shouting” at him as the two sparred over the Government’s tiered system. Boris Johnson’s proposals have prompted a huge backlash, even among his own MPs, with some Conservatives announcing that they will vote against the coronavirus measures. Colonel Stewart was forced to defend his decision to back the Prime Minister, a move which Ms Hartley-Brewer branded as “stupid”.

She told him: “I’m all in favour of us doing things that will stop the spread of the virus.

“It should be proportionate to the threat of the virus.

“There is no medical or scientific evidence or data of any kind to support a lot of the Government’s restrictions. So why are you voting for them?”

Although the Government provided an impact assessment of the new lockdown tiers to MPs, it hasn’t been made public yet.

Colonel Stewart insisted that his support was because he “believed” in the restrictions.

Ms Hartley-Brewer shot back furiously: “You believe in it? Even though there’s no evidence?

“You just told me that we need to listen to the scientists!”

At this point, the MP became enraged at the host’s shouting, and demanded that she stop.

The talkRADIO host snapped: “I’m a voter, I’ve got the right to shout at politicians when you do stupid things – yes I am shouting at you!

“You are too intelligent a man, and too moral a man, to vote for something that you know is wrong.”

Colonel Stewart warned that this was a time when it was necessary to “support” the Prime Minister.

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He said: “I think the Government is doing its very best to try and get this right.

“You may not agree, you may say there’s no evidence for it. Okay, fine. But the Government’s got to govern.

“The infection rate is coming down, and we want it to come down as much as we can, because we want to save people’s lives.”

Ms Hartley-Brewer told the MP: “If your argument is that we have to do it because it’s actually going to work then you need to produce the evidence.

“The Government was asked to provide the evidence, they have not done so. If there was evidence, surely they would have published.”

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