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Secret Covid dossier lists areas worst hit by lockdowns and huge job losses

Boris Johnson and his bumbling pals have drawn up a top-secret report that revealed the devastating impact lockdowns have had on the economy.

Ministers are said to have designated a dozen industries as being in the ‘red’ – meaning they’ll probably face axing jobs in the future as profits plummet.

The dossier, which reveals vital information about the future livelihoods of hard-working Brits, is currently being kept under wraps by Downing Street.

According to The Times, the sectoral impact dashboard was put together by ministers and offers insight into 40 areas of the economy.

The sectors facing the biggest challenges include retail, hospitably, tourism and the arts, according to the report.

Details of the document emerged as up to 100 Tory MPs threatened to vote against the government’s Tier system, expected to come into force on December 2.

A separate study into the impact of the Three-Tier system was released to try and hamper Tory rebels who will vote against Boris’ plans.

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The 48-page impact assessment says that it is not possible to know the impact of the restrictions on the economy while warning that failing to control the virus would have “intolerable consequences” for businesses.

But the secret dossier goes further and provides a ‘deep dive’ into the effect of coronavirus – giving each sector a traffic light rating for revenue, jobs and stability.

A minister familiar with it told The Times: “There is a lot of detail in there, none of which is in the official impact assessment the government has published today.”

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According to reports, accommodation and food services face the biggest change in GDP, whilst construction and transportation are also high on the list.

A government spokesman said: “The document referred to contains publicly available information and does not alter the fundamental analysis published today."

The tier system will put 99 per cent of the country in Tier 2 and Tier 3, leading to bans on indoor socialising and the closure of many pubs and restaurants.

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David Lammy, Labour’s shadow lord chancellor and shadow secretary state for justice, tweeted: “Secret dossier? Screw that.

“The government has got to come clean about the impact of its incompetent mishandling of this pandemic on jobs and the economy.”

Meanwhile, Tory MPs fumed that the government’s new ’official’ impact report into the tier system actually offered nothing new.

Mel Stride, a Tory MP and chairman of the Treasury select committee, said: It’s frustrating that there is little that sets out how the different tiers might impact on the specific sectors and regions across the country.

“Those looking for additional economic analysis of the new tiered system will struggle to find it in this document.”

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