Dominic Raab laughs off Brussels’ latest fisheries demand as UK defies EU pressure

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Dominic Raab dismantled the EU’s latest fisheries offer, claiming that the demand to control 82 percent of Britain’s waters was ridiculous. Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News this morning, the foreign secretary said that the latest EU proposal – that Britain have access to just 18 percent of its own waters – was “not right”. Earlier this week, the UK rejected the offer as “unacceptable” as British negotiators call for the EU to rethink its demands. 

Mr Raab told Sky News: “On fisheries there is a point of principle. As we leave the transition period, we are an independent coastal state.

“We have got to be able to control our waters. We can talk about transitions, and we can talk about the impact it has on other European countries, but that principle comes with sovereignty, it comes with leaving the EU.

“The answer is can the EU accept that principle?”

Sophy Ridge responded: “If you look at the reports, the UK wants British fishermen to have access to 80% of fish caught in UK waters, the EU thinks it should be 18%. That feels like a big difference.”

Mr Raab insisted it was a “significant difference” as he laughed off the latest offer.

He said: “Sophy, does that sound right? 18 percent of fish in our own waters? That can’t be right.”

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