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Kate Moss’s Primark model pal jailed in Bali for 5 years over £30 of cannabis

A British Primark model and pal of Kate Moss has been jailed for five years after being caught with just £30 worth of cannabis in Bali.

The Indonesian island is renowned for its strict drug laws and Jed Texas, 30, will now have to serve a prison sentence in the infamous Kerobokan Prison.

He was arrested in April after a raid on his villa in the trendy resort Canggu, where police found small plastic bags contained 85.15 grams of marijuana as well as a set of electronic scales.

Texas admitted his guilt and told Denpasar District Court, via video link from the jail, that his actions left him in pain and shrouded with shame.

He plans to appeal his conviction for possession of a type two narcotic as he told the court her used the drug to help him deal with anxiety.

Police say that during the raid, which was triggered by a public tip-off, Texas fled from his bedroom into his bathroom and tried to flush the plastic bags of dope down the toilet.

Texas – real name Jed Higgins – said he treats his anxiety and mental illness by smoking weed – a situation that Indonesian laws often consider to be a mitigating factor when dishing out sentences.

He said: "I couldn't go home (during the pandemic) so I bought a lot of marijuana to relieve my anxiety."

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The former model has also been handed a £60,000 fine, and if does not pay his sentence will be extended by a further six month.

He had been facing a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail.

Chief judge Gede Putra Astawa said: "Texas is guilty of committing a criminal act by possessing narcotics type one. I sentence Jed Texas to five years in prison, reduced for his time in detention (seven months).

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"The defendant's actions have damaged the image of Bali as a tourist destination."

Texas said: "I admit that my using marijuana in Indonesia is against the law. I am very sorry. I knew it was illegal, but I didn’t think the sentence would be so high like this. I use it to treat psychological disorders.

"Marijuana is legal in the UK so my access to it is easy (there). This case has left me with constant pain and shame."

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Texas modelled for top designers including Burberry and Prada as well as starring in Primark's 2012 autumn/winter campaign.

He moved to Bali in March just as the coronavirus pandemic began affecting the world.

The ex-model's new lifestyle will be a far cry from the catwalks of New York, Paris and Milan, where Texas used to strut his stuff and party with the likes of Kate Moss.

Hellhole Kerobokan Prison is one of the world's most violent jails and pictures from inside show its dirty, dilapidated and overcrowded state.

It is nicknamed 'Hotel K' because inmates can get almost anything if they have enough money.

It currently holds British gran Lindsay Sandiford, who was sentenced to death in January 2013 after being caught smuggling cocaine into Bali.

She claims she was coerced into carrying the dugs by a criminal gang who made threats against her family.

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