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BBC Weather: ‘Stormy seas’ to thrash Europe as frontal system rocks continent

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BBC Weather meteorologist Susan Powell forecast persistent rain in parts of Spain and Portugal. She added that Greek islands will face stormy seas while Scandinavia will see dry weather as an area of high pressure builds in the region.

Ms Powell said: “It is still looking rather unsettled through parts of the Mediterranean, still some showers affecting Italy.

“There is wetter weather heading towards Cyprus and strong winds across the Aegean.

“There are some pretty stormy seas for the Greek islands in the next 24 hours.

“Heading further west and it is looking much clearer across southern Italy.

“We will continue to hold onto some fine weather, but showers could push into the south of France.

She continued: “Then there is a frontal system which will work into Spain and Portugal.

“That is going to bring some persistent rain for some of us.

“It will be raining across Portugal and western Spain into Thursday.

“It will be quieter for Scandinavia as the week moves on, the high-pressure building in here loses that wet and windy weather.”

BBC meteorologist Carol Kirkwood stated a cold front will hit Britain on Wednesday. 

She said: “As we move through Wednesday, here is the cold front.

“The cold air following behind, continuing its journey, getting down eventually into the south-east.

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“The mild air clinging on by the skin of its teeth in the south-east but the cold air following behind.

“It is going to be with us right the way into the weekend, eventually getting into the south-east of England.”

The BBC’s long-range forecast between Monday, November 30 to Sunday, December 13 said: “A severe and sustained cold spell over the UK in the first half of December currently seems unlikely.

“Deep areas of low pressure frequently passing eastwards between Scotland and Iceland, into Scandinavia, will prevent a sustained period of cold Arctic winds from firmly establishing.

“Nevertheless, we should be wary of a couple of short-lived cold snaps, when winds swing into the north for a few days.”

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