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Pregnant mum homeless after shower burst into flames 3 weeks before due date

A young-and-expecting mum who is seven months pregnant has been left homeless after a fire erupted at her home only weeks before Christmas,

Brogan Delvin, 26, was luckily out of the property when the blaze took hold last week – but her daughter is now scared Santa won't know where they live.

The expecting mother had taken three-year-old Esmee to a park when her bathroom shower burst into flames, Belfast Live reported.

She said she nearly fainted when she realised there were fire engines were outside her house.

Ms Delvin now faces being homeless and having to bunk with friends as she prepares to give birth in only a matter of weeks.

She said: “I’m devastated. I’d everything organised for Christmas, all the presents bought, the house beautifully decorated and Santa knew what presents Esmee wanted.

“She will be four this week and what was once our home is gutted, all the furniture and clothes are ruined from smoke and we have been left homeless.

“We can’t stay in the house because there’s no electricity, running water or heat."

Brogan, who works at a gym, has contacted the Northern Ireland Housing Executive – who are now checking 5,000 showers for safety reasons.

Ms Delvin said that she had a shower last Sunday before taking her daughter to the park.

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But disaster struck when she returned home to find emergency services stationed at her home.

“I realised [the fire service] were outside our house on Ladbrook Drive outside our house and I nearly fainted,” Ms Delvin said.

“There were people everywhere and I was so shocked a neighbour had to take me and Esmee in and look after us.

“I found out later she had heard my carbon monoxide alarm going off and called for help. They think the shower had been smoldering and then burst into flames.

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“The place was a mess with black soot everywhere and it stinks. The gas, water and electric were turned off by the Fire Service.

“Esmee has asthma and I feel very frightened to go back in there. I just feel very traumatised. I have contacted the NIHE and my tenancy has ended. I have to find somewhere suitable to live through no fault of my own.

“Our wee house was like a palace but now it’s ruined and we’re homeless. I explained to the Housing Executive that I’m seven months pregnant and suffering from a pelvic condition and I need somewhere to be safe with my daughter and the new baby.

“…But now Esmee and I are homeless and devastated. She keeps asking me how Santa will know where to find her because she’s out of her home. I just need some help."

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive said they have “instigated a joint programme to inspect homes where a specific model of shower unit has been installed” following the incident.

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