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Cat’s excited reaction to homemade elevator has viewers creasing

A cute cat has been living the high life by getting her owner to transport her with an improvised pully lift.

In the TikTok video, uploaded by user @sashidawn11, the black feline called Zenon jumps into a plastic crate that has ropes wrapped around it to make a simple lift.

From the landing above, her owner pulls the rope and lifts the crate up to the upper level while the excited cat clearly enjoys the ride.

As soon as she is over the top, the cat bolts down the stairs so that she can jump straight back into the crate for another ride.

The funny video was captioned: "She loved the lift!"

Predictably, it has been watched more than 450,000 times and attracted hundreds of comments since it was uploaded three days ago, on November 19.

One amused viewer gushed: "Omg my most fav cat video so far.

"She gets so excited lol and thank you for adopting a black cat."

A second person joked: "She’ll be asking her cat friends, 'Do your fur parents have a magic box that can send you into space?'"

"Haha this confirms the theory that cats see as mere servants whereas dogs look up to us," commented someone else.

The TikTok user who uploaded the video revealed the original purpose of the crate wasn't even meant for Zenon, but the cat seized the moment one day.

Explaining what happened in a comment, Sashi said: "My husband made this basket so he didn't have to carry dirty dishes down from his office

"She jumped in one day and the rest is history."

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