Ann Widdecombe claims Boris Johnson will try to hoodwink UK after Brexit ‘surrender’

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe argued that Boris Johnson will use coronavirus to mask his Brexit failures. While speaking on Brexit Unlocked with Martin Daubney and Belinda de Lucy, Ms Widdecombe said she believed Boris Johnson would quickly compromise for the EU. She claimed he will then use the disruption of coronavirus as an excuse for why his Brexit deal isn’t producing the positive dividends expected with cutting ties with the EU.

Ms Belinda de Lucy asked: “How do you think Boris Johnson is going to wrap up the worrying compromise that feels inevitable at the moment to save the Tory party.

“How do you think Boris is going to sell it back in the UK?”

Ms Widdecombe admitted it would be a difficult task for Boris Johnson to sell the UK a bad deal or agreement.

She then went on to explain how she believes he will attempt to do it.

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She said: “I think it will very hard for Boris Johnson to sell it except he has got a distraction which is coronavirus.

“He has got something that has already caused a lot of fatigue in the country and we have all got Covid-fatigue so to speak.

“Boris has that to shelter behind and I think we will hear a great deal about coronavirus in the next few weeks.

“That will be a screen for what is actually happening on Brexit.”

Ms Widdecombe also asked that Brexiteers are vigilant on what they are being told by the Government on the progress on Brexit.

She added: “The crucial thing is for everybody to be alert and shout from the rooftops when it looks as if there is surrender dressed up as a deal.”

Ms Widdecombe also argued Boris Johnson would have already secured a good Brexit deal if he stuck to his word on deadlines.

She said: “I think Boris Johnson will betray Brexit and the signs have been there.

“Ben Habib has repeated the numerous deadlines that we have had saying that if we got to that point we were going to go.

“Now if we had actually walked at the end of June, my belief is that we would have had a deal by now.

“This is because they would have realised that we were serious and they would have recognised our sovereignty and we would have been talking about terms of trade.

“But Boris didn’t do it and he didn’t do it for numerous subsequent deadlines.”

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