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Teen ‘five weeks pregnant’ stunned after unexpectedly giving birth in toilet

A 17-year-old that had been taking contraception was told she was "five to six weeks" pregnant at a doctor's appointment but gave birth to her son three days later in a toilet.

Aimee Stevens, 17, from Calne, Wiltshire, was told she was pregnant at a routine contraceptive doctor’s appointment and had believed she was "five to six weeks" pregnant.

Three days later, Aimee began experiencing severe stomach pains and had believed she was about to suffer a miscarriage, reports Mirror Online.

Aimee said she was in the "worst pain ever" and kept "throwing up" but there was a moment of "relief" and stood up to see a baby in the U-bend of the toilet.

The new mum, who named her son Ché, said: "I was in the worst pain ever and throwing up in the sink next to me.

"Then there was a feeling of such relief. I stood up and there he was in the U-bend, I could see little bent legs and a bum.

"I still think about that night a lot. It’s so confusing but when Ché first smiled at me it was just amazing and I can’t think what I ever did before I had him now."

Aimee said she hadn’t even had time to tell her mum Becki she was pregnant and phoned her to tell her she had just had a baby.

She said: "Aimee phoned me to come up and said, 'I’ve had a baby'.

"I stood in the doorway looking at this tiny, crying baby – it was a beautiful ­moment but completely unexpected."

She went on: "I was in a stunned silence for what felt like hours. What do you do in that situation?

"I daren’t pick him up because I didn’t know if he was hurt from falling in the loo."

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After the birth, Aimee had to call her boss and tell him why she wouldn't be at work for 6am, and said friends were shocked to learn about the pregnancy too.

Ché is now 16 months old, and medics believe he was around 38 weeks when he was born, weighing 5lb 9oz.

She said: "I didn’t know how to look after a baby but I learned pretty quick and Ché’s doing great – running around like crazy and talking.

"We've got a really strong bond."

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Aimee had been taking her three-monthly contraceptive jab, which is supposed to be more than 99% effective, for over a year.

She had been studying for A-levels and waitressing at a restaurant at the time of her pregnancy.

The mum has not able to complete her criminology, psychology and business A-levels at ­college but is planning to study social care soon.

Aimee is still in a relationship with Ché’s dad, and her mum Becki has said she’s "so proud" of her daughter.

Becki said: "I’m so, so proud of her, she just quietly got on with it.

"They are amazing parents and I couldn’t be prouder of the pair of them."

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