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Cat with ‘moustache’ melts viewers’ hearts with reaction to getting vacuumed

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An adorable cat with a moustache-like fur pattern has become an internet sensation thanks to how much he loves getting vacuumed.

In footage shared to Reddit, the feline can be seen lying in front of his owner as she prepares a vacuum.

She then starts hoovering his fur and his facial response tells everything.

The kitty leans back, closes his eyes and looks to be in pure bliss.

He gets more and more relaxed and appears to start falling asleep – until the woman tries to vacuum his belly.

The fluffy pet gently kicks out to show his discontent.

Since it was posted by Reddit user tusabrat yesterday (November 17), the video has been upvoted more than 88,000 times.

The cat’s owner explained int he caption: "He adores being vacuumed. As soon as I bring the vacuum out he will run up and lie next to me in anticipation of his spa day.”

And viewers wholeheartedly loved the footage. One wrote: “He’s the softest cat I’ve ever seen, make sure to give him extra pets for me.”

“He looks so soft,” another agreed. “Like a cloud.”

A third added: “This is one of those clips that feels like 5 seconds, then I look and it's been almost a minute.”

Plenty of others noted the cat’s adorable fur color made it seem like he had a moustache.

One commented: “Oh my goodness look at that moustache.”

A second said: “Moustached and well behaved tub tub is so handsome.”

The feline is not the only cat to have gone viral recently.

Earlier this week, one pet’s reaction to a pregnant woman’s baby bump proved hugely popular with smitten viewers.

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