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BBC Weather: Temperatures soar as freak heat blasts Europe before ‘intense thunderstorms’

Temperatures will be as high as 19 degrees in Rome and 18 in Madrid, according to BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes. The weather presenter lay the blame at the warm front across the Atlantic which was seen as a curl of cloud on a satellite picture. He explained that the warm front is forecast to “push into the heart of Europe and bring significantly milder air” before “intense thunderstorms” could bring a deluge of “50 to 75 millimetres of rain” in some parts.

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Mr Fawkes told viewers: “Temperatures will be up into double figures.

“But we do have quite a bit of rain to come as well as that into Norway and Sweden.

“Those gusty winds will be gusting to around about 50 or 60kmph quite widely across northern Europe.

“It will stay quite windy then onto Wednesday, but a cold front will start to swing across the United Kingdom.”

He continued: “That eventually is going to be bringing some milder air.

“But ahead of the milder air, 16 degrees will be the top temperature in Paris.

“That cooler air though is set to arrive through Thursday.

“The temperatures will drop away from Thursday onwards down to about 10 degrees towards the end of the week and the weekend ahead.”

The weather presenter added: “In Moscow, temperatures are hovering around about freezing over the new few days.

“It is going to be quite grey and cloudy.

“Further southeastwards, low pressure in charge.”

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Mr Fawkes said: “That’s going to be bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms to Croatia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This will push into parts of Albania and eventually work into portions of Greece as well as we go through Tuesday.

“The thunderstorms are quite intense, we could see around 50 to 75 millimetres of rain.

“There’s a risk of some localised flooding, where we see the heaviest of the downpours.

“Further northwestwards, the area’s going to be turning increasingly mild across much of western Europe.”

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