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Opinion | When Politics Drives a Wedge Within Families

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To the Editor:

Re “I Love My Twin. How Did We End Up So Far Apart?,” by Jeneen Interlandi (Opinion,, Nov. 4):

I am a 72-year-old fraternal triplet with two identical twin sisters. We are all lifelong Democrats. I do have some relatives who are Trump supporters with whom I have had to limit contact because of our irreparable differences. I can simply not imagine facing that dilemma with my sisters.

But for me the bottom line is that anyone who can support a man who thinks that white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, Va., and shouting “Jews will not replace us!” are some “very fine people” is simply racist. The same can be said of those who support a president who did not try to heal the country after the death of George Floyd in police custody. This holds true despite any other reason they might support him.

Ms. Interlandi, of course you love your twin brother. A twin bond can be a very special bond that is difficult to explain to others. I cannot even imagine what I would do in your situation.

Lynn Villagran
San Jose, Calif.

To the Editor:

Remember the Civil War and the American Revolution; these were times that produced many familial disruptions over differences in ideas.

Gerry Dale
Delray Beach, Fla.

Moving Forward, for the Planet

To the Editor:

“Biden Will Roll Back Parts of Trump Agenda With Strokes of a Pen” (news article, Nov. 9) gives me hope for the future.

As a returned Peace Corps volunteer and a co-founder of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for Environmental Action, I have worked in the battle against desertification in northern Ghana and against flooding from melting glaciers in the country of Georgia. These issues were not caused by these countries alone, but also by our own country, through our narrow focus on “America first.”

For the sake of my children’s future, I have been fighting for improved environmental policy since the first oil crisis in the 1970s and am heartened to see the ideas that President-elect Joe Biden campaigned on. He can count on my group to support environmental justice and climate action.

I call on all of us to listen carefully and respectfully to one another and to work together as we move forward for the planet.

Kate Schachter
Madison, Wis.

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