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Joe Biden poised for years of Hell as Republicans ready to block US President’s authority

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Mr Biden’s victory was further cemented today after several media outlets projected he had officially won the state of Georgia. A vital success, it is the first time the Democratic Party has won the staFte in 28 years. He now has a total of 306 Electoral College votes – the same number President Donald Trump secured in 2016 which he described as a “landslide”.

Mr Trump is expected to win North Carolina, taking his vote tally up to 232 in the College system.

The threshold to secure the presidency is 270 votes.

Despite being a momentous achievement for both Mr Biden and the Democratic Party, an uphill battle is still yet to come.

Judicial power in the US is currently in the hands of the Republican Party.

The Senate has remained overwhelmingly Red, while the Supreme Court is also tipped in favour of the conservatives after Mr Trump’s eleventh hour appointment of Amy Coney Barrett.

This will, Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University told, characterise Mr Biden’s time in office – his being unlikely to pass any significant legislation through.

Prof Bale explained: “Despite one party being in power, American government is divided government.

“Biden’s therefore going to face an uphill battle with the Senate and the Supreme Court.”

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This could prove a thorn in the side of Mr Biden’s image.

Yet, as Prof Bale explained, an uphill battle may be the very thing that cuts Mr Biden some slack.

He said: “It gives him a bit of an excuse that he can’t get everything done – even his opponents would have to admit that that is quite a difficult situation.”

Further, Prof Bale claimed that the Democrats will already be looking ahead to 2024.


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This is because Mr Biden, his 78th birthday a week away, is unlikely to serve a second term.

Thus, Kamala Harris, Mr Biden’s Vice President, could turn out to be the key figure in these next four years, as the President-elect and the party mould her into a leader.

Prof Bale said: “They’re rightly focusing their hopes on Kamala Harris in any case to take over in 2024.

“Perhaps with a rather better chance of doing something should she be able to take the Senate in the way Biden hasn’t been able to, in what will be their real election plan going forward.

“People have said that Biden won’t be able to get much done in the Senate and the Supreme Court – and they’re right.

“But, after the last four years, quite a lot of people in the Democratic Party will simply be pleased to see the end of Donald Trump, and Biden won’t be doing all the stuff Trump has done.

“So there will be a massive sense of relief among the Democrats.

“I would have thought he’ll pass the tools to Harris who is much more, in some sense, someone those on the progressive side of the democratic party would like to see.”

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has not yet conceded election defeat.

He did, however, on Saturday hint that he is moving towards accepting Mr Biden’s victory.

It came during a briefing of his coronavirus task force at the White House – his first public comments since his defeat was projected by US media.

Stopping short of acknowledging his loss, Mr Trump indicated he would not impose a lockdown to fight coronavirus, and said: “Whatever happens in the future, who knows which administration it will be. I guess time will tell.”

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