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Shoplifter leaves ‘vulnerable’ man with broken leg after One Stop confrontation

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A shoplifter broke a "Good Samaritan's" leg as he tried to prevent her leaving a One Stop.

Katie Stewart, 33, became notorious on Holderness Road in Hull and was banned from many of its shops, Hull Crown Court heard.

On August 28, she took £23.75 worth of meat from the store on the road and left without paying, prosecuting barrister Stephen Littlewood said.

Two days later, she went in again and took £36 of washing powder, Hull Live reports.

On September 3, Stewart entered the shop again with two accomplices and was asked to leave.

Mr Littlewood said: "The defendant said she didn't care. She said: 'I know you've got a picture of me and I know it's in every shop down Holderness Road.'

"They then brazenly walked to the cleaning section and packed items into a bag while they were being told to stop."

Phillip Richardson – described as a "Good Samaritan" by the judge – tried to stop the group getting away by putting himself in front of the door, the court heard.

As they tried to escape, Mr Littlewood said one of the group told him she would "say he'd raped her" if he did not move out of the way.

Stewart pushed Mr Richardson twice and he fell to the floor, breaking the fibula bone in his lower leg.

Mr Richardson, in his 50s, told the court: “For the first time in my life I feel totally vulnerable.

"Even going to the toilet can be a challenge and I have to crawl up the stairs."

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Stewart was arrested later that same day.

The court heard that she had four previous convictions for 10 offences, but none for violent crime.

Stewart had even received a community order for shoplifting just 10 days prior to her latest offending, which included a requirement to take part in a ReNew drug rehabilitation programme.

Rachel Scott, mitigating for Stewart, said she was a self-confessed long-term drug addict who got addicted to crack cocaine at the age of 18.

She said she had been a "functioning" drug addict, holding down a job at a fish and chip shop and caring for her three children, until two years ago when she became involved in a toxic relationship and a victim of domestic abuse.

Stewart began abusing drugs more heavily, stealing to fund her habit, and her children were taken into care.

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But Miss Scott said she has since begun to turn her life around, including engaging with the drug rehabilitation and probation services, and had regained the support of her family.

Her new boyfriend, a 37-year-old builder, told the court: "I do believe she has made massive inroads now. I'm no expert on drink and drugs but she's engaging with ReNew and ultimately engaging with all avenues possible."

Judge Bury decided to defer her sentence to February to allow her to complete her rehabilitation programme from the previous community order and see if she would "sink or swim".

He told her an immediate custodial sentence would be waiting for her in February if she failed to comply with the requirements of the order, but that it would be suspended if she managed to keep on the right track.

Stewart thanked the judge for giving her the opportunity to prove herself and was allowed to leave the dock.

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