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Thanksgiving 2020: Denver Post wants to know how you’re celebrating

Thanksgiving is sure to be different this year for many Coloradans.

With the COVID-19 surging and state public health officials urging people not to gather for their usual festivities, this holiday season may mean alternative celebrations, smaller dinners or plain isolation for folks choosing not to travel home.

The Denver Post wants to know how your Thanksgiving will be different this year to document this moment in history. Are you planning to do a Zoom dinner? Are you choosing to stay home and not visit family due to COVID-19? Are you worried about your parents or loved ones, who may be spending the holiday by themselves? Are you trying to do any long-distance traditions? Taking any travel precautions if you do decide to hit the road?

We want to tell your story. Reporter Elizabeth Hernandez may reach out to hear more about your plans.


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