‘Fear for future of Brexit’ Nigel Farage opens up after Joe Biden election win

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Mr Farage delivered his gloomy assessment in the wake of Donald Trump’s defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in the US election. The Brexit Party leader said Mr Biden supported the European Union and predicted his priority would be to improve relations between the White House and Brussels. He warned the chance of a trade agreement with the US would disappear when Mr Biden is confirmed as the new president and accused the Government of missing an opportunity to strike a deal with Donald Trump.

Biden’s priority will be to improve relations between his country and the bloc

Nigel Farage

Writing in the Telegraph, he said: “Who can forget in April 2016, just before the EU referendum, Barack Obama telling the British people that if we dared to vote for Brexit our country would be at ‘the back of the queue’ in terms of a trade deal because America’s focus would be on negotiating with the EU?

“Well, Obama’s vice president at the time was Biden, and his personal dislike of Brexit has not changed since then.

“Indeed, Biden is an avid supporter of the EU and his priority will be to improve relations between his country and the bloc.

“Obama used to fly to mainland Europe first rather than the United Kingdom. Biden will do the same.”

Mr Farage said four years had been “squandered” as the UK Government dithered and been unable to deliver a full Brexit.

He said Britain now found itself “stranded in the mid-Atlantic” after “playing ourselves into a form of checkmate”.

He said: “After years of failure, Britain is now caught in a trap between Brussels and Washington.

“Brexit talks have stalled and this time the clock is genuinely running down. Johnson now faces a simple choice.

“He can either strike a deal with which both Washington and Brussels are happy, or he can go it alone and be criticised for looking friendless in the world.”

Mr Farage claimed Britain has lost a “true ally and friend” with the departure of Mr Trump and predicted a reappraisal of his time in the White House.

He acknowledged the outgoing President’s style never went down well with British voters but suggested such negative views would have to be revised in future.

He said: “Just after Donald Trump won the US presidential election, I was fortunate to spend some time with him in Trump Tower in New York.

“During this meeting, the depth of his affection for the United Kingdom was obvious.

“His team told me that a trade deal with Britain was a priority in order to show that he was not an isolationist but wanted sensible arrangements unlike, say, the North American Free Trade Agreement between America, Canada and Mexico.”

Mr Farage said Boris Johnson and Mr Biden will find common ground on climate change and taking a softer line against China but warned Brexit would test the so-called Special Relationship

He said: “Anthony Gardner, the former US Ambassador to the European Union and a close confidant of Biden’s, has already said that future relations between the UK and America will depend on our final deal with the EU.”

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And he concluded his bleak forecast with another warning about Britain’s departure from the EU.

He said: “A final Brexit deal that holds our nation back, that doesn’t genuinely make us free, and that doesn’t deliver on the promises made both in 2016 and the general election in 2019 is now looking like a certainty.

“To say that it would be a disappointment would be the biggest understatement of my career.”

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