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Drug dealer’s Facebook chats with underage girl before he plied her with meth, impregnated her

Warning: graphic content

A middle-aged meth user who impregnated an underage girl is the son of a rapist and was raised by drug dealers.

Auckland District Court heard the girl fell pregnant at 15 and now reported having post-traumatic stress disorder.

The 43-year-old Auckland sex offender was the product of rape, and his mother resented him as a child, Judge Ema Aitken said on Wednesday.

The Auckland man had 65 previous convictions and was sentenced on Wednesday for drug charges and for having sexual connection with a young person.

He also faced assault charges, including for punching the girl and giving her a nose bleed as he drove on Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The court heard the sex offender lost control of the car, then told the girl: “Look what you made me do.”

Judge Aitken said the pair met through mutual friends when then man was 40 and the girl 14.

The two chatted on Facebook and commenced a sexual relationship when she was 15.

The court heard the man supplied methamphetamine to the teen, but the role of grooming in the relationship was contested.

“Of course there is grooming in this case. There’s the presence of drugs in initial contact,” Crown prosecutor David Wiseman said.

“There has been significant harm to her. She speaks of the effects the drugs alone have had on her life,” he added.

Judge Aitken said there was minimal grooming compared to some other local cases, where victims were supplied with cellphones and encouraged to skip school.

Defence counsel Andrew Speed said his client pleaded guilty in order to save the girl from giving evidence at trial.

“She said she didn’t believe she was able to get pregnant, but I totally accept the pregnancy was an aggravating feature,” Speed added.

The relationship ended soon after the teenager fell pregnant.

The court heard a paternity test proved the drug dealer was the father.

The sexual predator was arrested on indecency charges in May last year and granted bail four months later.

He continued having sex with the underage girl when he was on bail.

Judge Aitken said the man oversaw “a rather profoundly abusive and controlling relationship”.

Although the teenager loved her child, she now regretted the relationship.

Judge Aitken said the 43-year-old had no decent role models when growing up with his mum and stepfather.

“Your parents were drug addicts. You endured not only an unsettled childhood but one which can be described as grossly abusive.”

The judge said these traumatic aspects of the man’s early life should be taken into account.

“You have no sense of community and no cultural engagement.”

But Judge Aitken also said the man remained a risk to the young mother.

The dealer was also sentenced for supplying meth worth $700, and offering to supply 1812ml of the nervous system depressant known as Fantasy or GHB for $9000.

He was sentenced to four years and nine months in jail.

Judge Aitken said the 43-year was slowly developing some insights about why his offending was wrong.

“He certainly believed this was love. He’s starting to rethink that.”

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