‘But Labour now backs Brexit!’ Lammy skewered for ‘foolish’ Boris attack over Biden win

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Andrew Marr took Labour MP David Lammy to task over his claim that Boris’ handling of Brexit was “foolish”. The BBC host pointed out that Labour now back the decision to leave the EU amid fears it could disrupt relations with the US. Mr Marr said: “We know that Joe Biden was hostile to Brexit as an idea, and we are in a position where the Labour Party and Conservative Party are supporting the idea of a deal as soon as possible to get us out of the EU.”

Mr Lammy responded: “It was foolish for Boris to put the Good Friday Agreement on the table in the way that he did when you know you have an Irish-American who might become leader of his country, and where Democrats are long-standing concerns.

“That was foolish. It was foolish to insult Barack Obama, foolish to insult Hilary Clinton.”

Andrew Marr interrupted, saying: “But those are on the Conservative side. What do the Democrats think about Labour now supporting Brexit?”

Mr Lammy responded: “Look, we just had a great democracy have an election.

“They recognise we had an intense debate here. A decision has been made. The Labour Party accepts we are leaving the EU. Boris Johnson has ten days now to get a deal.”

Mr Lammy later faced ridicule from BBC viewers online after he boasted to Andrew Marr about his “well-known and well-documented friendship with Barack Obama”. 


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