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Veterinary nurse struck off for ‘illegally drugging a dog to stop it barking’

A vet has been banned for illegally drugging a dog to stop it barking, according to reports.

Paul Chaney is said to have injected the Siberian husky with a strong sedative during a night shift.

The barking had left him “very frustrated” during the shift at Vets Now in Harrow, north-west London in April 2018, it is claimed.

He didn’t tell anyone else he had given the pooch a dose of Butorphanol, a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons disciplinary hearing was told.

But the veterinary nurse made videos of the incident which he sent to his flatmate, the Daily Telegraph reported.

These were said to show him telling the pooch, ”I’m actually going to shoot you”, before injecting it.

The panel reportedly heard text messages which detailed how the vet treated animals that "make too much noise".

The incident came to light after officials from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs searched the property where he lived with two other people.

They visited over unrelated matters.

According to reports, an investigation found he had stolen two prescription medications from another surgery for his own dog.

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He had received a police caution for the offences but offered no excuses, the tribunal was told.

The vet admitted six of the misconduct charges against him.

The panel found him guilty of a seventh charge of dishonesty for changing records in relation to the drugs he had taken.

He was also found guilty of disgraceful conduct.

The panel struck off from the register.

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