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Dairy worker arrested for ‘bathing in a tub of milk’ at factory in viral clip

A dairy worker has been arrested after he was filmed taking a bath in a tub "filled with milk" at the factory.

The man, who is known as Emre Sayar, performed the sick prank at a dairy centre in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, in Turkey.

In the footage shared on TikTok by a user called Ugur Turgut, Sayar sits inside a cauldron at a processing room.

He fills a jug with the milky liquid and pours it all over him while rubbing his face.

Both Sayar and Turgut have been arrested when the police were alerted to the viral video on social media.

The officials from the company running the dairy company said that they have terminated Turgut's contract after the incident.

They added that the prankster did not take a dip in "milk" but rather a mix of water and cleaning material.

Officials claimed that the video aimed to "defame" the company.

Ali Ergin, the head of the Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry in Konya, said they launched an investigation and decided to shut down the facility.

He said that they also filed a complaint with the Konya Chief Prosecutor’s Office against the company and that they were preparing to destroy all milk and milk-based products at the dairy plant.

"Our teams were informed about the company in question based on the images showing an alleged disregard for public health and food safety at a dairy facility in Konya," he added.

Earlier this year, a bakery worker was seen wiping his nose then rubbing his fingers on bread in a factory.

The bakery chain in Guayaquil, Ecuador's largest city, claimed the man has been detained and arrested by the police, who branded his actions "a terrorist act".

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