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UK weather forecast: Britain braced for BITTER conditions with even London hit – charts

Weather maps from WXCHARTS charts show the freezing conditions battering all of the UK over the next few hours and into this evening. A warmer front from the Atlantic is forecast to sweep in overnight. But temperatures in the south of England, including London, could plunge to as low as two or three degrees overnight and heading into Thursday morning.

The more settled temperatures towards the end of this week remain are forecast to remain until the middle of this month but weather maps for Tuesday, November 17 show the bitterly cold front making an unwelcome return.

Freezing air is forecast to sweep in from the east, once again turning UK weather maps icy blue.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “During Wednesday evening, that thicker cloud will trickle into parts of Scotland.

“This will bring more rain over the highlands, and even into central and southern Scotland by the time we get to Thursday morning.

“Elsewhere it is going to stay dry but in the south in particular, you can see here a bit more in the way of mist and fog.

“That fog could be quite thick come Thursday morning.

“Again, with clear skies across the south, light winds that will see the lowest temperatures, down to two or three degrees in towns and cities.”

The Met Office has forecast dry and sunny conditions with some light winds for most of the country during Wednesday, with some rain sweeping in later in the day.

But for Wednesday evening, the forecaster has warned of plunging temperatures across central and southern parts of the country, with lingering frost and fog.

The Met Office forecast reads: “Most parts dry with light winds and plenty of sunshine, though a few coastal showers are likely in the west.

“Turning cloudy and windy across northern Scotland later with some rain by evening.

For Wednesday evening, the Met Office warns: “Turning cold under clear skies across central and southern parts with frost and fog patches.

“Cloudy and windy across Scotland with some light rain and drizzle, mainly in the northwest.”

Fellow forecaster Netweather said that while most of the UK will enjoy brighter weather throughout the course of Wednesday, cloud and rain will quickly spread throughout large parts of Scotland, with temperatures ranging between 10-12C.

But this evening, frost will blanket England and Wales, with the fog becoming “more of an issue”, particularly across central and southern areas.

Netweather said in its forecast: It will stay mostly dry with plenty of sunshine across most of England and Wales for the rest of the day, though a few coastal showers in the west.

“But after a bright morning, we’ll see more in the way of cloud spread southeast during the afternoon across Scotland and N. Ireland, breezier here too, with rain arriving across the far north and northwest of Scotland by early evening.

“A chilly day, temperatures this afternoon reaching 10-12C for most, perhaps 13C in the southwest.

Into this evening and overnight, dry with clear skies and turning cold with frost forming across England and Wales, fog will become more of an issue though in places, particularly across central and southern areas.

“Mostly cloudy, breezy and less cold for Scotland and N. Ireland, some patchy rain spreading southeast across Scotland.”

On Tuesday evening, temperatures plunged throughout the country, again particularly across central and southern parts of England, where the mercury plummeted to as low as -3C overnight.

This morning, Netweather said: “For now, it’s a cold and bright start for most, the first widespread frost this autumn across much of England and Wales.

“Across central and southern parts of England temperatures at dawn fell as low as -3C overnight, even in Bournemouth on the south coast falling to -2C, temperatures widely in low single figures elsewhere.

“Though breezier and less cold across the far north and northwest, with a few coastal showers around coasts in the northwest too.”

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