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Fox News host erupts at ‘pathetic fake news media mob’ as Donald Trump defies the polls

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The Fox News presenter noted the US public had once again “repudiated” the forecasts of national pollsters as they voted in their droves to re-elect Donald Trump. The results of the US Election 2020 will remain uncertain for a few days more as the final votes are counted but US broadcasters have already suggested Joe Biden may beat the President if Nevada assigns its six electoral votes to the former vice-President. Despite the possible Trump loss, Mr Hannity mocked hundreds of forecasters for repeatedly dismissing Mr Trump as a viable presidential candidate.

The Fox News anchorman said: “Last night was yet another repudiation of the pollsters, the fake news media mob completely missing the mark.

“This is pathetic, you can’t get any worse. Florida, Ohio, you name it, all across the country.”

Mr Hannity did however praise two forecasters Robert Cahaly and Karl Rove for their successful prediction a Trump win in 2016 and for the forecast of a good race in 2020 as he hit out at other pollsters.

He said: “But there were some two guys who got it right and they both got it right in 2016.

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“I noticed that guy, Nate Silver, doesn’t like you. He has been dead wrong two years in a row. Quinnipiac dead wrong, Washington Post dead wrong. ABC dead wrong.”

Despite Joe Biden leading the President by several points in national points ahead of the vote, the race proved to be much tighter than expected.

While Mr Biden managed to flip Arizona to the Democrats for the first time since 1996, other key states proved to be harder to secure, including the pivotal swing state of Pennsylvania.

President Trump is likely to win the Rust Belt state and has a significant lead in the other swing state of North Carolina.

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But with Mr Biden projected to win both Wisconsin and Michigan, and votes still ongoing but with a Democratic win, the President could soon see his presidential career come to a halt after his first term.

While accusing the opponent of “fraud”, President Trump has been urged to accept the results in the event of a loss to ensure he has the possibility to run again in 2024.

Former campaign adviser Bryan Lanza suggested Mr Trump remains the likely candidate at the next presidential election because of the likely struggle the Republican Party would face in finding a successor.

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Mr Lanza said: “Donald Trump will be four years younger than Joe Biden in his current bid for the presidency.

“Age isn’t the issue. Biden will have his opportunity to guide the country under Covid and we’ll see what his successes and failures are.

“And there’s nobody in the Republican Party that can challenge President Trump in a Republican primary.

“He’s got the apparatus, he’s got the support. If he were to lose a very tight election today, he could make the claim that it wasn’t a fair and free election and the media interfered with their interference polls.”

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