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Sexy Trump dancer and protesters clash with armed police outside Trump Tower

In bizarre scenes on US election night, a "sexy" Trump dancer and protestors were seen clashing with armed police outside the Trump Tower.

Images showed a dancer with a Donald Trump face mask at the planned eight-hour event as the audience watched on live election results.

As results trickle in across the country, thousands of protestors have gathered on Black Lives Matter Plaza where there have also been reports of a scuffle.

Demonstrators were caught in the brawl after a demonstration vehicle was illegal parked and cops ordered its removal.

Pictures showed Trump supporters outnumbered by anti-trump demonstrators, with one woman seen dancing on a US flag while dressed as Donald Trump.

Another demonstrator was seen wearing a suit with a Donald Trump mask posing for pictures.

It has been claimed one arrest has been made at the demonstration in New York, reports Daily Mail.

Reports also reveal activists have been holding training sessions on Zoom in the build up to the election, led by Black Lives Matter and Shutdown D.C.

Recordings of the alleged sessions highlighted plans to continue demonstrations until January.

The protests come amid reports even if Donald Trump fails to win the popular vote or the electoral college, he has a third option that could keep him in the White House for another term.

The losing candidate can challenge the result in the Supreme Court, which Trump-backed Amy Coney Barrett has recently been appointed into.

Dr Gina Yannitell Reinhardt from the Department of Government at the University of Essex told the Mirror: "This can end up in the Supreme Court and will be up to them to make a decision.

"The Supreme Court is very conservative and the decision will be taken by three justices.

"I don't think it's very likely because I think the election will be decisive enough that the Supreme Court wouldn't be comfortable invalidating the election."

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