Nigel Farage issues warning to ‘bloated’ House of Lords ‘full of mates of Prime Ministers’

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The Brexit Party has been rebranded as Reform UK following Britain leaving the European Union. Mr Farage told talkRADIO that there are “failures” within the UK’s current political system and that his party will look to provide solutions to them through reform. 

Mr Fararge said: “Let’s talk about some of the failures in our system.

“A bloated House of Lords full of the mates of Prime Ministers.

“An electoral system that is clearly hopelessly out of date.”

He added: “A genuine radical reforming party, that is what Reform UK intends to be.”

The House of Lords has also been criticised by the CEO of the Electoral Reform Society, who stated it has at least 100 members that do not take their role seriously.

Darren Hughes told Express.co.uk there is a disconnect between the House of Lords and the public.

Mr Hughes stated that out of the 830 lords, hundreds do not take the role seriously and instead sign up for the title and other perks. 

He said: “I think there has got to be a democratic connection from the public to these members of the second chamber.

“As long as there is no democratic connection and no accountability to the people then they will only be interested in the opinion of the political establishment.

“For all the talk of it having expertise, if you are an ordinary person on the street but you don’t know anyone in Westminster, you will never get yourself in there.

“So I think that the main problem is this disconnect between the job they are doing there and the people of the country.

“I think for as long as that happens you are going to get people appointed there for political reasons who find a way around the system in order to get the title, membership, the access to Westminster and basically sign up to get the expenses while doing a very minimal amount of work.

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“That is unfair on people that take it seriously because there are 830 of them and there are 100 who don’t take it seriously.”

He added: “An expensive democracy is better than a cheap dictatorship, but it has to be a democracy.

“I think if we had hundreds of fewer members of the second chamber and they were democratically chosen and accountable to the public then I think it would justify the cost of the building perhaps.

“When it is not and you have 830 people and it is being run the way it is now, it does feel like an incredible indulgence of the political class that is paid for by the UK taxpayer.”

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