Author Olivia Pierson labels Nanaia Mahuta’s moko ‘ugly, uncivilised’, Mighty Ape pulls books

An author has had her books pulled by Mighty Ape after comments she made on Twitter about new Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta

Mighty Ape NZ confirmed to the world on Twitter that they had made Olivia Pierson’s books unavailable, after her comments on social media.

Pierson said Jacinda Ardern had gone “full wokelette on stilts” for appointing Mahuta as Foreign Affairs Minister.

“Facial tattoos are not exactly a polished, civilised presentation for a foreign diplomat in the 21st century,” she said on Twitter. Her Twitter bio describes her as NZ-based.

“Facial tattoos, especially on a female diplomat, is the height of ugly, uncivilised wokedom.”

Nanaia Mahuta is New Zealand’s first female Minister of Foreign Affairs and the second of Māori heritage, after Winston Peters.

She is the first to bear a moko kauae.

Mahuta did not want to comment.

“Tēnā koutou e hoa mā,” Mighty Ape replied to a Twitter user.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have made the book unavailable and will not be making it available again. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou,” the company said on Twitter.”

Race relations commissioner Meng Foon says Nanaia’s kauae moko is to be celebrated.

“It is special to New Zealand, special to Māori. It is interesting that many of our products now are being branded with Māori symbols and essence of their culture,” he says.

“What I would say to those mean people is [to] stop their racism, stop their prejudices, to grow up. Let’s face it, the world is changing, the Māori economy is growing. If the Māori economy grows it’s good for all New Zealanders.”

Twitter users described Mighty Ape’s move as “drawing the line” and as “awesome leadership.”

Olivia Pierson is the author of the book Western Values Defended: A Primer. A blurb for the book reads: “There is only one path to shining the light of understanding on the times in which we live, and that is to know our place in history.”

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