Brexit fury: Boris Johnson ordered to stand up to EU bullying in crunch trade talks

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Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, John Anderson, argued Boris Johnson needed to use the Brexit trade deal opportunity to lead the country. While speaking to Jonathan Saxty from Brexit Watch, Mr Anderson insisted the UK is an important country on the world stage. At this late stage in the Brexit trade deal talks, he ordered Boris Johnson to resolve the difficulties of the talks without compromising the UK’s position.

Mr Anderson said: “Leaders lead and Boris Johnson needs to, with absolute firmness and compassion without compromise, state his position.

“I think he needs to do this in way that many British people respected him for so much in the past, he needs to get on with it.

“I feel odd to offer that because he is a much greater man than I am.

“But as someone who loves Britain and wants to see it sorted out for the sake of Britons but I also want to see it sorted it out for the rest of the world.”

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Mr Anderson reiterated that he believes Britain has much to offer the world after cutting ties with the EU.

He said: “Britain is such an important country and there is such an important capacity to impart values, ideas, technology and sciences for the rest of the world.

“So ultimately, the faster the United Kingdom finds its feet the better.”

The former deputy Prime Minister also reflected on the EU’s stance in the trade talks.

He cautioned the EU not to cut off their nose to spite their face in the final rounds of Brexit trade talks.

He also said Boris Johnson to aim higher than a no deal situation with the EU as a better deal could be agreed.

He said: “For the life of me, Europe needs Britain, what is going on here because you need each other.

“The idea, that you would cut your nose off to spite your face on trade is just absurd.

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“Fix it, it is simply in everyone’s interest, and we know that protectionism damages everybody.

“We are all mature adults, there may be many Europeans that don’t want the divorce but why would they damage their own economies by not looking for a trade deal that works for everyone.

“I know that is a bit simplistic as there is a lot more to it but sometimes it helps to go back to basics as we know trade helps everyone.”

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