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Dad who battered seven-week-old baby to death is jailed for just 15 years

A dad who battered his baby to death has been jailed for just 15 years after the horrific crime.

Clint Nokes dropped his seven-week-old boy in the sink for crying then murdered the tot.

The 22-year-old was sentenced on September 30 after admitting the murder before a court in Utah.

He pleaded guilty to killing little Hudson in December 2017. Authorities said he repeatedly abused the infant from November 26 to December 1, KUTV reports.

Hudson suffered “ broken bones, a fractured skull, spinal damage, detached retinas, and other injuries”.

Nokes reported that the baby wasn’t breathing and claimed that he tried to save him on December 1.

The youngster was taken to hospital but died early the next morning. His killer told police that he'd tried to burp him while feeding him.

Then 19, Nokes said he'd pulled his son away from him while the baby struggled to burp. He claimed that it was then that the seven-week-old went limp.

But hospital staff then told the police that Hudson was bruised on his ribs and head.

A CT scan found that he had a skull fracture, was bleeding in the brain and revealed his retinas were detached.

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Nokes then admitted that he was tired of his son crying, telling police he "exploded".

He reportedly said that he threw Hudson on the couch, snatching him from his swing.

Nokes confessed that he grabbed the baby and jumped up and down as Hudson's head whipped back and forth.

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It was earlier in the week that he'd dropped the tot on his head in the sink.

Hudson's injuries included blood in his spinal fluid, a broken humerus and tibia.

The baby's mum is "heartbroken" over the death, Clearfield Police Department's Assistant Chief Kelly Bennett said.

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