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Six things that will happen when Kate Middleton becomes Queen

When you get married, your life inevitably changes… but marrying into the Royal Family brings more than just changing your surname.

At the moment, Kate Middleton and Prince William are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but as he gets closer to the throne, their titles will change.

When Prince Charles is crowned King, Prince William will take over as the Prince of Wales.

Kate could become the Princess of Wales – a title that Camilla declined out of respect for the late Princess Diana.

William will also take over the Duchy of Cornwall, while Prince Charles as the reigning monarch, will take the Duchy of Lancaster from the Queen. This passing of power and title will be repeated when Prince George becomes (as the eldest son of the ruling monarch) the Prince of Wales when his dad is crowned King.

But what about Kate in all this? What changes are coming her way as her family rises through the Royal ranks?

She will be crowned Queen Catherine (but won't actually be Queen)

The Royal Family are all about rank and status, and nothing trumps a King.

Kate has no royal blood, so will be Queen consort.

As this title means that she won't technically be upstaging him, Kate will be crowned at the same time as William, but in a smaller ceremony.

When the Queen was crowned, Prince Philip was the first person to honour her, but as making him 'King' would have outranked her, he became Crown Consort.

She will own the tails of dolphins and whales

This sounds entirely made up, but an ancient law gives the Royal consort ownership over the tails of sturgeons, dolphins and whales swimming in British-owned waters (the Monarch owns the rest).

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It's thought this strange rule came about when King Edward II decided to give the tails to his wife so she could use them to make whale bone corsets.

Buckingham Palace will be home

At the moment William, Kate and the kids live between an apartment in Kensington Palace, and Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

But they will be made to move in to Buckingham Palace, which is the official residence of the ruling monarch.

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Balmoral and Sandringham are actually privately owned by the Queen and not the Crown, so when she passes away she will bequeath them to new owners.

A much bigger workload

We've seen Kate popping up at hospitals, on cooking shows, on Zoom calls, and glitzy events – but her diary will be even more packed when she is Queen Catherine.

Right now she is patron of 21 organisations, but Prince Philip is Patron, President or a member of over 750, which gives an inkling as to what awaits.

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She'll get a huge payrise

Currently the Duchess gets about £2.3 million a year from Kensington Palace to cover expenses, but as the Queen this 'salary' will get much bigger.

The Queen currently has about £47 million yearly, so her income will likely be around this mark too.

No more curtsying

As Queen, only Kate's husband will be above her in the Royal pecking order, so she will no longer need to curtsy to her in-laws.

At the moment she needs to show deference to Prince Charles, Camilla, the Queen and Prince Phillip.

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