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Dawn Neesom: Eight months to sort test and trace and our govt is still clueless

Eight sodding months, yes EIGHT, to sort out coronavirus test and tracing before autumn arrived and yet still our useless Government are utterly clueless.

Everyone knew what would happen when we eased out of lockdown and colder weather hit so why the hell didn’t Bozza and his useless bunch of clowns get the memo?

I mean what the actual hell have they been doing all summer? The only countries really doing “well” in this pandemic are the ones who have effective tracking ­systems in place to isolate the infectious and stop the spread.

It’s seriously not rocket science is it? Yet all we get is a woman called Dildo – sorry Dido – given a huge pay packet to sort it all out and graphs conjured up in a Matt Hancock wet dream.

We seem to have money to throw at everything these days so why on earth did no-one think of investing it in testing and tracing in preparation for what was coming. All Baroness Dido Harding appears to have done is sack 2,000 testers.

Huh? On what level does that even begin to make sense? Surely getting this right is the ONLY key to this hideous lockdown cycle of death, despair and deprivation that we have all been forced into.

Wishy Washy Rishi keeps conjuring up ­financial “rescue” packages for businesses the Government is forcing into failure when really he should be fighting tooth and nail to keep them open.

Even the World Health Organisation has admitted that lockdowns do not work and cause more harm than good.

Listening to the heartbreaking testimonies of the good people of Liverpool about what this fag-packet science means on the ground is devastating.

Make no mistake the level of unemployment, financial hardship and utter despair being forced on imprisoned communities will see a spike in mental health issues and suicides. We’ve all done OUR bit. Time the Government got their finger out of whatever orifice they’ve inserted it in and do THEIR bit for us.

Matt Hancock keeps telling us lockdown is the only way to “defeat” the ­virus and that letting it “rip” through the community would be disastrous.

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No-one is suggesting we let it rip. We need to help the elderly and vulnerable (and most of them are more than capable of taking care of their own health) while the younger working population return to normal.

Eighty per cent of those who do contract Covid-19 display no symptoms at all and the under-30s have more chance of being struck by lightning than dying. But our Government don’t do positive, do they?

We don’t hear about those hospitalised who walk out totally fine, the huge improvements in treatment that we have made since March or see encouraging statistics.

It’s got to the point where I’m wary, not scared, of coronavirus. But I’m bloody terrified of our Government.

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