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OJ Simpson psychologist on moment he confronted star holding gun to his head

A top psychologist has described the moment he confronted OJ Simpson as the frantic star held a gun to his own head as police hunted him over his wife's death.

Dr Kris Mohandie, a forensic psychologist with over 25 years experience, was called to the disgraced actor and NFL star's Brentwood mansion after he led police on a bizarre slow car chase through Los Angeles.

Simpson, now 73, had attempted to go on the run after being accused of the brutal murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994.

Mohandie was sent by a SWAT team to go and negotiate Simpson's surrender after he had returned to his home.

By now, the infamous car chase in the white Bronco had become national – if not international – news, and a huge crowd had gathered outside Simpson's house.

The vast majority were there to support the Naked Gun star, and many of them were hostile to the police.

Dr Mohandie described how he tried to convince Simpson to put the gun down as he sat in the car clutching photographs of his family.

Simpson was later acquitted of the murders of Ron and Nicole following the "Trial of the Century", 25 years ago today on October 3, 1995.

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Writing in his new book Born Killers? Mohandie said: "I was the on-call psychologist for the LAPD tasked with responding to barricades and consulting with the negotiation team but was unaware of what was happening at the time."

Describing the events of the infamous day June 17, 1994, he went on: "I called the SWAT headquarters and asked if we were being called in to help. I was told to go to Simpson’s home.

"Detectives had spoken with Simpson, and he was supposed to surrender soon."

When he arrived at the house, Mohandie said: "At the base of the street, a crowd of about 500 people had gathered. It was surreal.

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"I parked my car, and when I got out, there was my old friend SWAT supervisor, Sergeant Michael Albanese. He introduced me to Robert Kardashian, Simpson’s attorney and friend, who gave us the rundown of what was going on.

"Simpson was despondent, armed with a handgun, and threatening suicide in the Bronco."

Despite being accused of the bloody murder of his wife and her friend, Mohandie said Simpson's only concern was for himself.

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He said: "Simpson was worried about his reputation being damaged, his loss of status. I could see the shiny gun held to his head, and something in his other hand that we later learned were photographs.

"I suggested that we use what we had, the crowds.

He told him: "Look at all these people. They still love you."

Following a tense standoff, Simpson finally put the gun down, Mohandie said, "collapsing safely into an officer’s arms, deflated".

He went on: "He wanted to use the restroom, call his mom, and get something to drink. All of which happened. But it took some time to get him the drink.

"I learned a short time later that was because one of the cops was looking through the fridge for orange juice.

"'OJ, have some orange juice.' Juice for 'The Juice.' Cop humor. Gotta love it."

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