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Young people ‘more anxious and depressed in lockdown – but OAPs are happier’

Happiness levels have dropped for all age groups since the global coronavirus pandemic except for OAPs, a government report claims.

Researchers recorded a drop of approximately 5% in happiness for all age groups, except those aged 65 and over – who are apparently feeling merrier.

Scotland was at the top of the list of people feeling sad, with a 15% drop in happiness in just one week.

The report comes as separate findings reveal people drank more but smoked less during lockdown, The Sun reports.

Those under 30 were suffering the worst depression, mental health and anxiety, claims the cross-government C19 Foresight Group, created to review the response to coronavirus.

It found support for the UK government's approach to handling the Covid-19 pandemic increases with age.

Nearly half of over-65s back the approach, but only three in ten people aged 18-24 feel the same way.

However, the majority of respondents in all age groups said advice on how many people they were allowed to meet in lockdown restrictions was "not very or not at all clear".

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The report said festive traditions, like carolling, parties and midnight mass, are likely to be hit by lockdown restrictions.

The team suggested getting in the festive spirit with an online Grotto Live experience.

Another study by the University of Glasgow found that the number of people drinking four or more times a week rose during the pandemic, the same for binge-drinking.

Binge drinking increased from 10.8% in 2017-19 to 16.2% during lockdown, as did the proportion of people reporting drinking four or more times a week (13.7% to 22.0%).

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