US stock glitch: What can you buy for $123.47?

A slightly odd, temporary US stock market error saw the share price of several major tech firms wrongly listed at the same price.

For a short time on Monday night, US time, firms including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon eBay and Zynga were all priced at $123.47 on the Nasdaq.

Nasdaq blamed the “improper use of test data” by a third party and said the situation had been fixed. And with markets closed for the 4 July holiday, there’ll be no impact on trading.

But it got us wondering. What can you buy for $123.47?

1) A ticket to an Aqua concert in Singapore

Danish pop group Aqua is reuniting for world tour to mark the 20th anniversary of hit single Barbie Girl.

But even though they’ve been out of the spotlight for a long, long time, it’s not cheap to go and see them.

Our budget wouldn’t stretch to the best seats for their Singapore show. But a Category B ticket will cost 168 Singapore dollars (about $123). We know, we know….

2) A very English cake made of cheese

Including cheddar, creamy Lancashire and white stilton with cranberry, this small cheese celebration cake from Marks and Spencer will serve about 70 portions.

It comes in at £95 which is pretty much bang on the equivalent of $123.47.

A tasty investment.

3) A fancy smartphone in India

Smartphone growth is booming in India with something for every price point. Including the $123.47 budget.

That works out at almost exactly 7,990 rupees, which will get you a Samsung J3 from local online retailer Flipkart.

Perfect for your future share trading.

4) About 34 shares in Zynga (at its correct price)

Zynga – the company behind online games like Farmville and Words With Friends – was one of those whose share price changed dramatically in the glitch.

Rather than trading for $123.47 each, their current stock price is around $3.60.

So you could snap up around 34 shares and hope to make a profit one day.

But remember, the price of shares goes up as well as down. Sometimes by more than anyone expects…

Additional Googling by Leisha Santorelli

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