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Toddler dies after being ‘torn apart’ by two dogs at tragic birthday party

A toddler has died from horror injuries after being mauled by two dogs while celebrating his second birthday.

The little boy, named Yegor, died without regaining consciousness after a desperate 10-day battle for his life.

On September 18, the toddler was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood outside his home after being mutilated by two German Shepherd guard dogs.

Yegor was put on a ventilator and kidney dialysis and remained in critical condition for more than a week, reports the Mirror Online.

The child had wandered outside unnoticed as his parents and guests gathered at the house to celebrate his second birthday.

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The tot was in the courtyard when the dogs broke out of their enclosure and attacked him.

Reports claim his father failed to close the enclosure properly, which allowed the German Shepherds to break free.

After realising the toddler was missing, his parents, from the small town of Selydove in eastern Ukraine, went to look for him and found the dogs still attacking him.

Charity volunteer Aleksandra Timoshchenkova, who helped the family to collect money for Yegor's treatment, said: "The boy was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood.

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"The dogs were still tearing him apart."

Yegor was rushed by military helicopter to the city of Dnipro to receive emergency care.

He was admitted to Dnipro Regional Children's Hospital, where four teams of surgeons worked to save his life.

It took medics five hours to restore his damaged blood vessels, bladder and intestines and remove tissue "that had been chewed by the dogs".

The child's heart stopped beating one day after doctors reported a slight improvement in his condition, reports The Sun.

Natalia Dementyeva, the head of the hospital said: "The boy suffered extremely severe injuries known as dirty wounds."

Police have launched an investigation for failure to fulfil parental duties resulted in severe consequences against Yegor's parents.

The mum and dad face up to three years in jail if found guilty.

The police investigation continues.

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