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Cat called ‘worst kitten to adopt’ cuddles up to new owner after transformation

A devoted cat owner has managed to transform his feral pet into a friendly fluff ball after being told that it was "the worst kitten".

Aaron Davis said he adopted a grey and white kitten at a humane society four years ago and was warned that the cat "will never be happy".

He wrote: "The lady told us 'you don’t want this cat. She’ll never be happy, and if she sets foot outside you’ll never see her again'."

But Aaron became dedicated to building a relationship with his cat.

In a video shared to Reddit yesterday (September 29), his cat snuggles up on his lap.

The sleepy feline puts up her paws in the air when Aaron rubs on her chin and chest.

The cat lays down comfortably with her back on his lap and wouldn't move a bit.

Aaron responded to the cat's original owner in the caption, saying: "Challenge accepted. I’m proud of how far she’s come with the right home."

He added in the comments: "We just did our best to be as calm, quiet and predictable around her as possible.

"We also have another cat that's basically a dog, and they bonded pretty quick – I think he helped decrease her anxiety about a lot of mundane stuff around the house.

"She's like 80% indoor, by her choice, and still hides any time we have company over, but the fact that she isn't skittish around us anymore and will actually seek you out for snuggles is such a huge improvement that I can't complain."

The cat has definitely won over viewers' hearts and some said the behaviour could change when a kitten steps into adulthood.

"It’s awesome you gave her the chance she needed to be happy," one said. "You’re good people."

Another wrote: "This is what I told my dad but for one of my cats, it took her well into adulthood to become cuddly!"

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