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BBC Weather: Temperatures to plunge BELOW FREEZING as deep chill hits Britain

The UK is set for a chilly start to the weekend, BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas has warned. The Breakfast presenter said that the country will experience some single figure or even sub-zero temperatures and said the weather will stay quite chilly through the weekend. She also noted that there will be some strong winds around, particularly across eastern England and parts of eastern Scotland.

Ms Keith-Lucas told viewers: “There’s an area of low pressure that is quite slow moving and has been with us a couple of days now.

“It’s been bringing some showers and those brisk northerly winds.

“Windiest conditions will be across the east coast of England where it will be quite cloudy with some showers.

“But for the rest of the UK, there’ll be one or two showers for northern Scotland around this morning but a lot of dry weather.”

She continued: “Some long spells of blue sky and sunshine will be on offer.

“It will be cloudier in the east and that cloud will just drift its way through the midlands into central southern England later on.

“Temperatures will be around about 12 to 15 degrees or so for most of us.

“They will be tempered by the strength wind, which will be about 20mph or so in the east.”

The weather presenter added: “But there will be 40 or 50mph winds around those east coasts coming in from the northerly direction.

“So that will drive some big waves on shore for parts of East Anglia for instance.

“Those showers in the east will fade away between this evening and overnight.”

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Ms Keith-Lucas also said: “So there’ll be clear skies for western parts for the UK overnight, with a bit more cloud in the east where you do see the skies clearing.

“It will be quite chilly once again which temperatures at zero degrees or even a little below freezing.

“Tomorrow’s weather will be fairly similar to today with an east-west split again.

“There’ll be more cloud for central and eastern England and there could be the odd shower coming out of that cloud.

“It will still be breezy but not quite as windy as we’ve seen over the last couple of days.”

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