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Dying mum, 26, pens heartbreaking bucket list including Disneyland with the kids

A dying mum who has been told she has terminal cancer has penned a heartbreaking bucket list, and revealed she's desperate to live long enough to see her sons' first day at school.

Rebecca Broughton, 26, was diagnosed with breast cancer three weeks after she gave birth to her son in January.

Her devastating bucket list reveals she hopes to take her two sons to Disneyland, as well as have a honeymoon with her husband Barry, 29.

The 26-year-old nurse from Ayr, Scotland, also wants to meet the Queen, and see her youngest son start school which is four years away.

While she says statistics suggest she has less than two years to live, Rebecca is determined to see her 30th birthday and has created a 'life list' of things she wants to enjoy before she dies.

She said: "I want to see Rory get to school and I would love to make it to 30. That would be my goal.

"I work at the local hospital where I receive the treatment and some nurses were supposed to be climbing Goat Fell in the Isle of Arran, but because of coronavirus, they're all going to split off and do the equivalent instead.

"They're raising money for me and my husband and the boys to do the things on my Life List. They're all amazing. I'm so grateful.

"I want to take the boys to Disneyland, I want to see the Northern Lights so we're hoping to go to Lapland. I want to go on honeymoon with my husband because when we got married I was eight months pregnant with Joseph.

"I've got smaller things like plant a tree, get a star named after myself. Some friends online have raised £1,000 for me so far.

"I'd like to sleep on a beach, sleep on a train. Just smaller things I'd like to tick off."

The young mum is raising awareness for breast cancer, urging others to check their breasts if they're in their 20s and 30s, reports Mirror Online.

Eight out of 10 breast cancer cases are in women over 50, while women in their 20s have only a one in 1,732 chance of getting the disease.

Rebecca said: "At 26, you never expect to battle cancer.

"Receiving that diagnosis was shocking. When they told me, I felt I was looking over myself.

"My message to people is you're never too young, you're never being stupid. If something doesn't feel right go to the doctor.

"It doesn't have to be a lump. If it doesn't feel right or look right, if it's painful, never leave it. Never feel that you're silly or over reacting.

"If one person reads this story and finds a lump, I hope it's early enough to be treated and they don't have to be in the situation I'm in."

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