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Man ‘shaved head to look like colleague he wanted to frame for wife’s murder’

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A man shaved his head before killing his wife so he resembled a coworker he was trying to frame for her murder, US police believe.

Jennifer Dulos, 50, disappeared in May 2019 after dropping her kids off at school. Her body has never been found, although officers did find her bloody T-shirt, leading them to conclude she was murdered.

The prime suspect is her husband Fotis Dulos, with whom she was engaged in a bitter divorce battle at the time.

Police have recently revealed a bizarre twist in the story: Fotis got a dramatic haircut shortly before his wife vanished.

"In the days before the disappearance, Fotis Dulos shaved his head, possibly in an attempt to look more like his employee, Pawel Gumienny, who had closely cropped hair," Detective John Kimball told local media.

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"The new look surprised Gumienny, who told investigators he even made a comment about it to Fotis Dulos when he first saw him with the shaved head, Kimball said."

It's now suspected that Fotis was attempting to frame his employee for his wife's murder. The haircut fits with another piece of evidence in the investigation — on the day Jennifer is believed to have been killed, Fotis drove Gummienny's car.

"Fotis Dulos drove to New Canaan that morning in a red Toyota pickup truck owned by one of his employees, Pawel Gumienny," his arrest warrant reportedly reads.

"Fotis Dulos later had the pickup truck washed and detailed, and he even instructed Gumienny to switch the truck's rear seats with ones from another of Fotis' vehicles.

"Gumienny later turned the original seats over the state police, and tests showed that Jennifer Dulos' DNA was on one of them."

Fotis is accused of attacking his estranged wife in her garage after she returned home from dropping off the couple's kids.

In January he was charged with murder, felony murder and kidnapping, and was released on a $6 million (£4.7 million) bond. He maintained his innocence.

On January 28 he was found in his home having attempted to take his own life, and died in a New York City hospital three days later.

Fotis' former girlfriend Michelle Troconis was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder. She has pleaded not guilty, and has been under house arrest since June 2019.

The murder investigation remains open.

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