Boris rattles Barnier as EU forced to accept its Brexit stance ‘completely unrealistic’

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Boris Johnson has taken a different approach to UK-EU talks from the previous Government according to Shanker Singham. The CEO of trade law and economic policy consultancy, Competere, said that the UK will not cave into the EU’s demands and that the Prime Minister has successfully got that across to Michel Barnier. 

Speaking to Westminster’s Future Relationship with the European Union Committee, Mr Singham said: “I think what was going on in the sort of June/July period was the EU were essentially negotiating with the UK Government as it was prior to the new administration.

“The history of the negotiation was that if the EU remained firm with its very strong opening bid and did not deviate off its opening bid then the history was that the UK would cave in.

“So, from a negotiating standpoint, I think the EU has just assumed that would continue, hence we have this issue where the EU has put forward this position.

“I would describe it as a completely unrealistic position, that another country would adopt your rule of law, your own legal order.

“They are doing that because they think the UK will ultimately cave in and simply accept the EU’s demands.

“I think what the UK had to get across, and it has succeeded, is that it is not going to cave in like it had done in the past.

“That is quite hard for the EU to understand: that there is quite a different approach now.”

Last week leading Brexiteer John Redwood backed Britain to become a “global leader” following the end of the transition period with the European Union.

Mr Redwood told Episode two of Brexit Unlocked that the UK’s exit from the European Union is a huge opportunity.

The Conservative MP also hit out at Remainers and added he and his colleagues were determined to prove them wrong. 

Mr Redwood said: “I think this is a huge opportunity and I am just waiting for the day we can say at last we are a free independent sovereign country.

“At last we can make our own mind up, at last we can have those jobs and natural resources that are properly ours.


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“It is what the British people want, control of our borders, control of our laws, control of our fish, surely it is not asking too much.

“This mad idea that all Remainers have that the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world and one of the most important ancient democracies that has always been able to modernise and improve, is no longer capable of self-government.

“I and my colleagues wish to prove them wrong, we are mightily capable of self-government.

“We are capable of global leadership and it has been the EU that has been holding us back.”


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