Keir Starmer exposes FATAL flaw in Corbyn’s leadership -‘Inevitable you lose the election’

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The Labour leader made the admission as he discussed his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn’s crushing defeat in the general election in December last year. Sir Keir unveiled the huge flaws in Mr Corbyn’s campaign and why it was “undeliverable” after Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Tories gained a huge 80-seat majority in the House of Commons.

He said: “I’m not going to shy away from the fact that our 2019 manifesto had far too much in it.

“It was overloaded to the point where people didn’t believe it was deliverable.

“And once you’re in that space it is inevitable that you lose an election.“But the pandemic in the past six months has almost sort of swept away all the arguments about 2019, 2017 or 2015 because I think that we have to make the case that we cannot go back to business as usual at the end of this.”

Sir Keir, a former director of public prosecutions who is well known for opposing Brexit, has so far used his premiership to distance himself from Mr Corbyn’s far Left.

Mr Corbyn stepped down as Labour leader and was replaced by former Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir on April 4 following a lengthy party election contest.

The party of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown had endured its worst election performance since 1935 in December 2019, when infighting over strategy, a confused policy over Brexit and allegations of unchecked anti-Semitism turned traditional voters away.

Mr Starmer, 58, said the coronavirus crisis meant “we cannot go back to business as usual at the end of this”.

He also told The Sunday Times: “We have learnt what we value most. We’ve seen cruelly exposed the fragilities of our public services and the economy.

“And we’ve got to put forward a vision of a better Britain.”

His remarks come after a recent YouGov poll found nearly half (45 percent) of voters do not “trust” Sir Keir to handle Britain’s exit from the EU compared to 29 percent who said they do.

The poll also found that just 34 percent of people trusted the Labour leader to grapple with the UK economy, which has been crippled by COVID-19.

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