Joe Biden SHUT DOWN by US ambassador who ‘stands committed’ to UK amid Boris Brexit plan

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Woody Johnson broke his silence after Democratic presidential nominee Mr Biden issued a warning about the Prime Minister’s controversial Internal Market Bill. Mr Biden, who will take on Mr Trump in the election on November 3, last week issued a Brexit threat, saying Northern Ireland’s historic peace pact cannot be sacrificed for the UK’s departure from the EU.

He said any trade agreement between Washington and London “must be contingent upon respect for” the Good Friday Agreement.

Ambassador Johnson firmly rejected the threatening remarks in a letter seen by the Mail on Sunday.

He said: “Our Special Relationship is stronger than ever.”

He added: “The United States has no greater friend than the United Kingdom, and we view our deep commitment to Northern Ireland and its people as part of that friendship.

“We stand committed, as we have been for decades, to be your partner in this effort.”

The ambassador was responding to a letter he received from DUP MP Ian Paisley.

The Northern Irish politician said he found it “preposterous” to hear Mr Biden say the Internal Market Bill would threaten trade relations between Britain and America.

Mr Paisley urged Mr Johnson to £make it clear the UK and USA are open for business and blockading trade with the UK would actually do more to harm peace in Northern Ireland.”

In his letter of reply, Ambassador Johnson thanked the MP for “highlighting the robust relationship’” between the two nations.

He also commended Mr Paisley for his efforts to “advance the gains economically, socially and politically, in Northern Ireland”.

Last week Mr Biden weighed into the Brexit debate by tweeting his views on the Prime Minister’s controversial bill.

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Mr Biden said: “We can’t allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit.

“Any trade deal between the UK and the UK must be contingent upon respect for the Agreement and preventing the return of a hard border. Period.”

MPs opposed to the Bill seized on his words as proof Britain’s standing in the world would be damaged if Mr Johnson pushed ahead with his plan.

The Bill, which the EU had demanded be withdrawn, would give ministers the power to override parts of the Northern Ireland protocol contained in the Brexit deal signed by the UK and Brussels.

The proposed legislation would break international law, the Government has admitted.

In the face of mounting opposition from lawmakers in his own party, the Prime Minister last week partially climbed down on the Bill.

In a bid to see off a potential party revolt, he agreed to give MPs a vote about when to invoke powers in the Bill.

The compromise came after two days of intense talks with Conservative MPs.

As the UK pushes ahead with the bill, chief negotiators David Frost and Michel Barnier will meet in Brussels on September 28 for the ninth round of trade talks.

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