Boris Johnson warned ‘credibility to be left in shreds’ with devastating Brexit failure

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe explained some of her fears surrounding Boris Johnson securing Brexit for Britain. While speaking on the show Brexit Unlocked with host former MEP Martin Daubney and Belinda De Lucy, Ms Widdecombe warned the Prime Minister must avoid a Brexit in name only. She insisted that in the late stages of the Brexit trade talks, the UK must not give into the EU’s demands.

Ms Widdecombe said: “I think a Brexit in name only would leave Boris Johnson’s credibility in shreds, if that is what happens.

“We have to be grown-ups and say whenever you have an international negotiation both sides have to make some concessions.

“But what the EU is demanding is full concessions.”

Ms Widdecombe highlighted the key areas in the EU’s demands that she had an issue with.

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She continued: “The EU are saying that we own our own waters but not the fish in it?

“What sort of reasoning is that?

“They have also been saying that we have to abide by their own rules even though we have left.

“There would be no point in leaving if we are going to be tied to the EU’s rules, that is nonsense.”

The Brexiteer also noted some reasons as to why she believed it was good the UK was now leaving the EU now.

She said: “A good reason for leaving is so we can indeed support industries where necessary.

“That would mean state aid and we couldn’t do that under their rules.

“I feel that we would lose too much if we had Brexit in name only and I think it would be far better to have no deal in that case.

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“There are always concessions in a trade deal negotiations.

“Even if you were negotiating with Canada there would have to be some things between each side that they don’t necessarily want.”

Ms Widdecombe closed by reitterating that the EU should be more reasonable in their demands in the Brexit trade talks if they hope to achieve a deal. 

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